How the Light Gets In

How The Light Gets In

“Artfully staged by director
Emilie Pascale Beck”
– Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

Miss Keller Has No Second Book

“Director Emilie Beck stages this play creatively with many magical moments, putting her innovative mark
on this brand new offering.”
– Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly


“Shiv receives a simply gorgeous mounting
at the theatre at Boston Court.”
– Gil Kaan, Broadway World

'Cassiopeia' at Boston Court


“Part dream drama, part choreo-poem,
the work, directed by Emilie Beck,
charms both the brain and the senses.”
– Evan Henerson, Backstage

Number of People

“I can’t remember a more intense and powerful one person show.”
– Tom Williams,

Block Nine

“If it’s style you’re lookin’ for, the dames have got it in spades. Dressed to kill in high fashion, the ladies who inhabit the all-female version of ‘Block Nine’ do estrogen-filled, spoofed-up gangster noir proud.”
– Jennie Webb, Backstage West

Because They Have No Words

“A first-rate ensemble.  
Much of the dialogue is darkly humorous, and
Emilie Beck’s assured direction helps make it crackle.”
-Sandra Ross, LA Weekly

And Let The Skies Fall

“Beck doesn’t so much direct as
choreograph, paint, dream in front of us.”
– Laura Weinart, Backstage West

Emilie Pascale Beck

Directing Miss Keller Has No Second Book