Number of People

World Premiere, Piven Theatre, 2010

…A brilliant piece of work by Emilie Beck. The message of it is that the living must carry the story of the dead. And if you kill the living, or the living don’t perpetuate the story, it furthers and initiates the killing all over again.

– Edward Asner, San Jose Mercury News interview

These balancing acts — between rationalism and faith, cynicism and joy — shape the play and its central character. … By writing a one-man play, in which a single character conveys his mounting disorientation directly to the audience, she has eliminated the so-called Fourth Wall, the tacit understanding that the audience and the actors inhabit different worlds, making their experiences comfortably separate. As Gold speaks to the audience, its members become part of his experience, and the intimacy of an individual voice renders Gold’s distress particularly powerful. 

-Jessica Reaves, New York Times