World Premiere, Boston Court, 2013

Cassiopeia is not exactly a play in the way that an oratorio is not precisely an opera, but it is so beautifully sung, and the text so melodic, that its abstractions become palpable passages of ecstasy. In lesser hands, it might have lapsed into a labored pretension, yet director Emilie Beck and her players have such command of its cadences and rhythms…that the impact is indeed musical. 

-Myron Meisel, Hollywood Reporter

Director Emilie Beck has taken a bare-bones script with few stage directions and made of it a gorgeous little spectacle. … You can see nothing like this anywhere but on a stage, and for that reason alone Cassiopeia would deserve an audience; its performances and imagery mandate attendance.

-Jason Rohrer, Stage and Cinema

A non-stop cerebral dervish, which — under the astute direction of Emilie Beck — plays like a highbrow, phantasmagoric spoken word duel. A symphony of words, heavenly vocals, and (fantastic!) original compositions, technically produced and executed to gorgeous, minimalist perfection.

– G.S. Morales,